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  • Lake Nona Medical City

  • Nemour’s Children’s Hospital

  • Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

  • Florida Hospital

  • Orlando Regional Medical Center

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Arnold Palmer

     Home to several of the nation’s top ranked hospitals, Orlando has become a staple for medical tourism.  Groups such as Florida Hospital, and Orlando Regional Medical Center, continue to expand their already large footprint in the area.  Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital continuously ranks among the top children’s hospitals in the United States.


     One of the largest medical draws to the area is unlike any other in the country.  Lake Nona’s “Medical City” has become a premier destination for medical care, research, and education.  Quickly becoming one of the largest medical areas in the United States, resident hospitals such as Nemour’s Children’s Hospital provide critical life saving research and treatment to highest risk patients from all over the globe.  Working together, some of the nation’s leading universities, research institutions, and health and life science companies are forging networks and synergies that are not only advancing healthcare, but also acting as a catalyst for job creation in the surrounding areas. 


Orlando Regional


Medical City

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Florida Hospital 

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